Nivata at Ciputra Beach Resort

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Amidst the panoramic beauty of Bali, we embarked on a transformative journey with the Ciputra Group to breathe life into Nivata at Ciputra Beach Resort (CBR). Tasked with a vision to complement the sprawling elegance of CBR—a haven of future ultra-luxury resorts and beach clubs—we set out to sculpt an identity that would resonate with the allure of their surroundings.

Nivata emerged as a sanctuary nestled in the embrace of Bali's serene landscapes, drawing inspiration from the tranquil beauty of nearby Tanah Lot, pristine beaches, and verdant padi fields. Our strategy wove these elements into a visual brand narrative that celebrated the harmony between nature and sophisticated living.

As we ventured further into the premium segment, Reserva was conceived to elevate the experience of luxury to unparalleled heights. Echoing the exclusiveness of its settings, Reserva became synonymous with luxury living amid CBR’s most coveted vistas.

Our collaboration spanned from crafting the brand from the ground up to unveiling them through compelling marketing campaigns. Leveraging the essence of Bali's enchanting locales, we positioned Nivata not just as housing clusters, but as a reflection of a lifestyle deeply connected with nature and luxury. Through strategic branding, visual storytelling, and targeted campaigns, we ensured that Nivata at Ciputra Beach Resort resonated with the Ciputra Group’s select demographic of investors from across Indonesia.

Fabricated window with carved wooden patterns
View of the Nivata website on a laptop screen
Traditional Balinese cultural ambiance
Mobile version of the Nivata website
Informative brochure book showcasing Nivata properties 01
Informative brochure book showcasing Nivata properties 02