Digital Evolution of a Think Tank: Transforming

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The Brief

Enhancing ERIA's Digital Presence

The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) needed a strategic overhaul of its digital platform,, to modernise its interface and improve user experience. Recognizing the shift towards mobile digital consumption, the project prioritized a mobile-first design, alongside performance enhancements and SEO optimization, to extend the institute's reach and impact.

Preview of the website on a desktop screen
Our Approach

Distilling Key Messages


Revitalise UI/UX Design: Implement a cutting-edge UI/UX design that simplifies navigation, enriches user interactions, and ensures a seamless and engaging user journey.

Optimise for Mobile Users: Adopt a mobile-first strategy to enhance accessibility and performance on mobile devices, responding to the growing prevalence of mobile web users.

Increase Site Engagement: Increase the time users spend on the site by offering a diverse range of multimedia content and a more user-friendly interface.

Improve SEO Performance: Enhance the website’s search engine visibility to expand its audience and maximize the dissemination of ERIA's research and publications.

Ensure Ongoing Site Maintenance and Security: Provide comprehensive site management, including regular updates, security checks, and backups, to maintain the site's integrity and performance.

ERIA collaboration with the Indian Ambassador to Indonesia
ERIA President Receives Courtesy Visit from the Ambassador of India to Indonesia and Timor-Leste
Preview of the website on a laptop screen
Overview of the ERIA website
The Execution

A Step Forward in ERIA's Digital Journey

Strategy and Execution

Framework Upgrade: Leveraged the latest PHP and CodeIgniter frameworks for robust site performance and future scalability.

Innovative UI/UX Design: Introduced an intuitive design that streamlines site navigation and content discovery, making information more accessible and the overall experience more satisfying.

Multimedia Content Integration: Expanded the site's content strategy to include videos and podcasts, enriching the visitor experience with varied and dynamic content formats.

Search Functionality Enhancement: Revamped the search feature to facilitate easier access to ERIA's extensive library of research publications, aligning with the organization's mission of knowledge sharing.

SEO and CMS Optimization: Fine-tuned the website's content management system (CMS) for seamless content updates and enhanced the site's search engine optimization to improve visibility and reach.

Visit ERIA website
Preview of the ERIA content management system

We developed a custom CMS for to seamlessly manage diverse content types, including videos, presentations, podcasts, articles, and publications, with integrated SEO optimization for enhanced visibility.


Enhanced Engagement: The redesigned significantly increased the time spent by users on the site, indicating enhanced engagement and content consumption.

Mobile Experience Revolution: The mobile-first approach markedly improved site accessibility and performance on mobile devices, catering to the majority of the institute’s audience.

SEO Performance: The strategic focus on SEO led to a broader audience reach, driving increased traffic to the site and amplifying the impact of ERIA's research.

Efficient Site Management: The updated CMS, coupled with ongoing site maintenance practices, ensured that remained secure, up-to-date, and aligned with digital best practices.