JAIF Communication Strategy Framework

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The Brief

Enhancing Visibility and Engagement for the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF)

The Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) sought to amplify its impact and visibility across ASEAN and Japan, aiming to improve awareness of its contributions to regional integration and cooperation. Despite its significant role as a catalyst for growth and opportunity in the region, the level of awareness about JAIF's activities and the potential to create deeper relationships within the ASEAN-Japan landscape remained untapped. Our mission was to unlock this potential by creating an authentic, compelling narrative about JAIF's work and effectively sharing it with the Fund's target audiences. We embarked on a strategic journey to move beyond simple information sharing, crafting a dialogue that fosters understanding, inspires action, and builds lasting connections.

Our Approach


We embarked on an extensive collaboration with JAIF to craft and execute a communication strategy that addressed the Fund's visibility and engagement goals. Our approach was multi-dimensional, focusing on:

  • Communication Strategy Developments:

    Crafting a detailed communication strategy that served as a roadmap for JAIF's outreach efforts, aligning with its mission and objectives.

  • Digital Content Creation and Social Media Management:

    Launching JAIF's social media presence from scratch, we developed a wide array of engaging content that highlighted JAIF's impact. Our efforts resulted in the rapid growth of their social media accounts, reaching several thousand followers within a year and significantly increasing website visits.

  • Strategic Storytelling and Stakeholder Engagement:

    By applying storytelling techniques, we rendered JAIF's initiatives both relatable and compelling, spotlighting the objectives and impact of projects supported by the Fund. Our approach effectively narrated the ASEAN-Japan relationship, bringing to life the extensive cooperation facilitated by JAIF's activities.

  • Capacity Building Workshops:

    Conducting workshops for the JAIF Management Team (JMT) on content creation and strategy, engagement and analytics, and storytelling and documentation. These sessions empowered the JMT with the skills needed to sustain and build upon the initial momentum of our joint efforts.

JAIF and celebrating 50 years of ASEAN-Japan Logo
Representing JAIF activities
Engaging content from JAIF on Instagram
Variety of content from JAIF on Instagram
Engaging content from JAIF on Instagram
The Execution

Revitalized Digital Presence, Content Excellence, and Team Empowerment

  • Comprehensive Digital Strategy:

    Initiating a targeted social media strategy that involved creating and disseminating content across platforms, resulting in enhanced digital engagement and awareness.

  • Content Development and Management:

    Producing a broad spectrum of content, including videos, brochures, and infographics, tailored to communicate JAIF's roles, successes, and the tangible benefits of its projects. Our strategic content dissemination across channels maximized reach and impact.

  • Workshop Series for Capacity Building:

    Delivering targeted workshops to JMT, focusing on essential skills for effective communication, strategic social media use, engagement analytics, and storytelling techniques. These workshops were designed to equip the JMT with the knowledge and tools necessary for continued success in their communication efforts.

Transformative Communication for Regional Cooperation Enhancement

Our holistic approach to developing and implementing JAIF's communication strategy led to significant achievements in visibility and stakeholder engagement. By crafting a strategic communication framework, creating and managing compelling digital content, and empowering the JAIF team through targeted workshops, we successfully elevated JAIF's profile and fostered greater understanding and support for its mission.

This project exemplifies our ability to turn complex cooperation initiatives into engaging and widely recognized narratives, significantly contributing to the deepening of ASEAN-Japan relations through enhanced communication and outreach efforts.

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