Market Intelligence Analysis & Research for Market Entry into the APAC Region

Case StudyStrategy
  • Research,
  • Insights,
  • Brand Strategy,
  • Customer Journey Mapping,
  • Market Segmentation,
  • Problem Discovery,
  • Strategic Planning,
  • Go-to-Market Strategy,
  • Executive-Level Presentations
The Brief

Bring the Brand to a Bigger Audience

Flourish was approached by the RPM Australia-based regional office to execute a Market Intelligence and Analysis of the existing Coatings market in Asia Pacific as it relates to three segments: Primers, Decorative Paints, Adhesives & Sealants.

The project included a high-level screening of potential partners, manufacturers and the development of a consumer-focussed mapping and insights on the coatings market landscape in 9 Asian markets as well as Hong Kong.

This research served as inputs into a customer journey mapping blueprint, supplemented with Consumer Insights, Personas, Purchasing and Usage Behaviour, Branding & Marketing Opportunities, Route to Market Overview, and an Analysis of Marketing Challenges and Directional Recommendations that included interviews with leading industry professionals and business leaders in the coatings market.

Our Approach

Distilling Key Messages

Working with key partners across the APAC region, Flourish executed a research-based analysis with a forward-looking assessment of all aspects of the market environment, from demand characteristics, industry structure and competitive dynamics to economic, socio-political and regulatory trends. This approach ensured that our recommendations were based on a comprehensive assessment of market conditions.

Services & Deliverables:

  • Strategic Market Analysis and Assessment
  • Customer Decision-making Process Assessment
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Market segmentation/ opportunity prioritization
  • Strategic partner identification and screening
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The Execution

Social and Digital

Our work has included a series of videos based on ERIA Research and Publications on topics such as Marine Plastic Debris, Women and the Digital Economy, the Impact of COVID-19 on the ASEAN Region and the Future of Work. We continue to support ERIA with their digital needs and, in addition to managing the content structure, search optimisation and maintenance of their existing website, we are currently designing a new website for the organisation to integrate their expanding research and operations in the region.

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