Impactful Storytelling for Sustainable Housing

Case StudyCreative
  • Copywriting,
  • Editorial Content Creation,
  • Scriptwriting,
  • Storytelling,
  • Narrative Development for Print and Film,
  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding,
  • Book Design,
  • Video Production,
  • Motion Graphics,
  • Photography
The Brief

Enhancing Awarness and Impact of NAHP

The World Bank commissioned us to amplify the impact and visibility of the National Affordable Housing Program (NAHP). Our task was to create an engaging and informative video and a coffee table booklet that showcased the program’s achievements and future goals.

The challenge was to effectively communicate the NAHP’s role in addressing affordable housing issues, while ensuring the content resonated with a diverse audience, including government officials, stakeholders, and the general public.

Video Presentation
Our Approach

Strategic Storytelling & Collaborative Design

Our strategy was centered on close collaboration with the World Bank’s team to understand the core values and objectives of NAHP. We conducted extensive research to capture the essence of NAHP’s initiatives, focusing on its impact on communities and individuals. Our approach combined creative storytelling with factual accuracy, ensuring that the content was both engaging and informative. We emphasized the human element of the program, highlighting real stories and achievements to create a more relatable and impactful narrative.

Services & Deliverables:

  • Booklet
  • Content creation
  • Video
  • Event Collaterals Design
Backdrop Conference
The book features infographics
User Persona NAHP
The book portrays the lives of underprivileged communities
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The Execution

VISUAL NARRATIVES & COMPELLING CONTENT COFFEE TABLE BOOKLET: The booklet was designed to be both visually appealing and informative. It contained detailed information about NAHP’s projects, success stories, and future plans, presented in an accessible and visually engaging format. High-quality images, infographics, and easy-to-read text were used to enhance reader engagement.

VIDEO PRODUCTION: We produced a high-quality video that illustrated NAHP’s journey, achievements, and future aspirations. The video included interviews with beneficiaries, stakeholders, and team members, coupled with dynamic visuals and graphics that brought the story of NAHP to life.

COLLABORATION: Throughout the project, we maintained a close working relationship with the World Bank and NAHP teams, ensuring that all content accurately reflected the program’s values and achievements.