Mission Accomplished: Games to Engage and Educate

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The Brief

The Golden Mission Games for the 50th anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation was a significant milestone, marking half a century of productive relations between ASEAN countries and Japan. The challenge was to commemorate this occasion effectively, engaging a broad audience across both digital and physical realms and educating participants about the ASEAN-Japan relationship. The Golden Mission Games, developed and managed by our team, were central to addressing this challenge, offering an interactive, educational, and entertaining experience through online games that were accessible across the ASEAN region and Japan, alongside an offline scavenger hunt at the Jak Japan Matsuri event.


Engage Audiences Across Platforms: Create an educational experience that bridges digital and physical engagement through the Golden Mission Games, enhancing awareness of the ASEAN-Japan relationship.

Overview of the ASEAN Japan 50 website
Our Approach

Innovative Game Design and Digital Integration

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, our strategy involved a blend of digital and physical engagement methods. Our multifaceted approach included:

Innovative Game Design: We developed 11 unique online challenges, including quizzes and mobile games, providing an interactive learning experience about ASEAN-Japan cooperation.

Bilingual Website Development: We created a bilingual (English and Japanese) digital platform, aseanjapan50.org, to act as the hub for the Golden Mission Games, facilitating information dissemination, registration, and participation.

Content Creation and Social Media Engagement: We crafted engaging content for the website and social media channels to drive traffic and participation, highlighting the cultural and historical significance of the ASEAN-Japan relationship.

Offline Event Integration: We extended the gaming experience to the physical world with an offline version of the Golden Mission at the Jak Japan Matsuri, enhancing direct engagement and participation.

Prize for the Golden Mission winner
Mission website on a laptop screen
Mission website on a mobile screen
Golden Mission route map
Illustration of the Golden Mission assets
The Execution

Digital and Physical Engagement Success

Seamless Digital-Physical Experience: Successfully launched both online and offline, the Golden Mission Games engaged thousands. The bilingual website served as the central hub for information and participation, while offline activities at Jak Japan Matsuri brought the digital experience to life.

Comprehensive Engagement Strategy: A combination of digital marketing, social media campaigns, and direct offline engagement achieved significant participation levels, with over 1,800 subscriptions for the online games and extensive social media interaction.

Offline Participation: Nearly 2,600 participants at Jak Japan Matsuri engaged in missions paralleling the online games, fostering community and shared discovery.

Educational Impact: The games effectively educated participants on the ASEAN-Japan relationship, blending learning with entertainment to foster deep understanding and appreciation among a diverse audience.

Visit ASEAN-Japan50.org
Overview of the Golden Mission games
A child playing Muay Thai game
Someone playing Fruit Smash game

Impact and Outcomes

Enhanced Engagement: Both online and offline games significantly increased engagement, with over 1,800 online subscriptions and numerous completions. Offline, the event attracted nearly 2,600 participants, effectively bridging digital and physical interaction spaces.

Bilingual Accessibility and Reach: The bilingual website broke down language barriers, facilitating an inclusive environment for all participants and attracting 93,000 visitors over four months.

Educational Impact: The games were crucial in educating participants about the rich history of ASEAN-Japan relations, blending learning with fun and interactive challenges.

Overview of the Golden Mission online games
View of the AI JABOT Effect feature
Golden Mission content on Instagram